Hello, I'm Oli Mansfield


Words: The Times, Palatinate, City News

Radio: Times Radio

Podcast: Under One Sky

TV: City News, Pal Tv

My Most Recent Work

Under One Sky Podcast

A podcast exploring the bigger story of homelessness. 

I hosted and produced the Under One Sky Podcast, on behalf of a major Homelessness charity based in London

  • From Pitch -----> to Product
  • Involved: Researching, Interviewing, Hosting & Editing

Barnet FC could be coming home

Barnet FC are planning to move back to Barnet, leaving their ten-year exile in Harrow.

Oli spoke to Beespod and the commerical manager at Barnet FC to get their take.

A little bit about me.

  • Studying Broadcast Journalism (MA) at City University, London towards my BJTC
  • Geography BA from Durham University (1st)
  • Interested in multimedia journalism focused on: 
    • Foreign Policy 
    • Humanitarianism 
    • Investigative journalism 
    • Rugby 

A freelance journalist and podcast host.

I began my Masters in Broadcast Journalism at City, University of London in 2023, with modules in Newsgathering, Law & Ethics, Political Headlines, Investigative Reporting, and Podcast: Pitch to Product. 

Alongside this, I have worked as an Editor, radio & Tv host, podcaster, and writer.